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DL speakers - MAMZER30

David Laboga Custom Speakers / MAMZER 30

We have specialized in the custom construction of guitar and bass cabinets for over 12 years and we created products dedicated to the style of music for the best musicians in the world. We are one of the first of a very few companies that have such a philosophy and approach to building guitar cabinets, and this is because there is no perfect guitar cabinet for every style, just as there is no perfect amp or guitar for every kind of music.

By making Custom Guitar Cabinets for different customers, using most of the speakers available on the market, we managed to achieve our goal, but always somewhere in the back of our mind there was the idea to create our own speaker that would have the qualities of the best guitar speakers, but at the same time correct the undesirable shortcomings typical of many speakers, such as narrow sound range or unpleasant and strident sonic reproduction.

We contacted FANE Acoustics and proposed an idea to create such a guitar speaker together, resulting in the David Laboga Custom Guitar Speaker - MAMZER 30 The MAMZER 30 is a new generation of guitar speaker - it produces a very wide sound range, a muscular midrange which gives it fat sound. Not too much Low end, because it is a guitar speaker, is understated is certainly not lacking. These speakers sound like no other. Some say they sounds like TWO different speakers in ONE.

The MAMZER 30 is produced for David Laboga exclusively, and is manufactured in the U.K. by hand.

As the MAMZER 30 can produce a very diverse sound range compared to other guitar speakers, it is an ideal partner for the sonic signature of KEMPER amplifiers, for example. In our opinion, this speaker is the perfect match for the guitar sound produced by this type of amplifier. Get MAMZER 30 and have your own exclusive and amazing sound!

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